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Licensee has underpaid any payment by **** or more, then Licensee will also promptly pay the costs and expenses of Licensor and the ReGenX Licensors and their respective accountants in connection with the review or audit.  If the review or audit determines that Licensee has overpaid any payment, then Licensor shall refund the overpayment to Licensee.


3.7                               Currency, Interest.


3.7.1                     All dollar amounts referred to in this Agreement are expressed in United States dollars.  All payments to Licensor under this Agreement must be made in United States dollars.


3.7.2                     If Licensee receives payment in a currency other than United States dollars for which a royalty or fee or other payment is owed under this Agreement, then (a) the payment will be converted into United States dollars at the conversion rate for the foreign currency as published in the eastern edition of the Wall Street Journal, N.Y. edition, as of the last business day of the Calendar Quarter in which the payment was received by Licensee; and (b) the conversion computation will be documented by Licensee in the applicable report delivered to Licensor under Section 3.6.


3.7.3                     All amounts that are not paid by Licensee when due will accrue interest from the date due until paid at a rate equal to 1.5% per month (or the maximum allowed by law, if less).


3.8                               Taxes and Withholding.


3.8.1                     All payments hereunder will be made free and clear of, and without deduction or deferment in respect of, and Licensee shall pay and be responsible for, and shall hold Licensor harmless from and against, any taxes, duties, levies, fees, or charges, including sales, use, transfer, excise, import, and value added taxes (including any interest, penalties, or additional amounts imposed with respect thereto) but excluding withholding taxes to the extent provided in Section 3.8.2.  At the request of Licensee, Licensor will give Licensee such reasonable assistance, which will include the provision of documentation as may be required by the relevant tax authority, to enable Licensee to pay and report and, as applicable, claim exemption from or reduction of, such tax, duty, levy, fee, or charge.


3.8.2                     If any payment made by Licensee hereunder becomes subject to withholding taxes with respect to Licensor’s gross or net income under the laws of any jurisdiction, Licensee will deduct and withhold the amount of such taxes for the account of Licensor to the extent required by law and will pay the amounts of such taxes to the proper governmental authority in a timely manner and promptly transmit to Licensor appropriate proof of payment of such withholding taxes.  At the request of Licensor, Licensee will give Licensor such reasonable assistance, which will include the provision of appropriate certificates of such deductions made together with other supporting documentation as may be required by the relevant tax authority, to enable Licensor to claim exemption from or reduction of, or otherwise obtain repayment of, such withholding taxes, and will upon request provide such additional documentation from time to time as is reasonably required to confirm the payment of withholding tax.





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