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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1 on 01/15/2016
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E.        No bicycle or other vehicle and no dog, other than a guide dog, or other animal shall be brought or permitted to be in the Building or any part thereof;


F.         Tenant shall not make or permit any noise or odor that is objectionable to other occupants of the Building to emanate from the Premises, and shall not create or maintain a nuisance thereon, and shall not disturb, solicit or canvass any occupant of the Building, and shall not do any act tending to injure the reputation of the Building;


G.       Tenant shall not install any musical instrument or equipment in the Building or any antennas, aerial wires or other equipment inside or outside the Building, without, in each and every instance, prior approval in writing by Landlord. The use thereof, if permitted, shall be subject to control by Landlord to the end that others shall not be disturbed or annoyed;


H.      Tenant shall not waste water by tying, wedging or otherwise fastening open, any faucet;


I.           No additional locks or similar devices shall be anchored to any door or window. No keys for any door or window other than those provided by Landlord shall be made. If more than two keys for one lock are desired by Tenant, Landlord may provide the same upon payment by Tenant. Upon termination of this Lease or of Tenant’s possession, Tenant shall surrender all keys of the Premises and Building and shall make known to Landlord the explanation of all combination locks on safes, cabinets, and vaults;


J.           Tenant shall be responsible for protecting the demised Premises and all property located therein and for the safety of all persons therein;


K.       If Tenant desires telegraphic, telephonic, burglar alarm or signal service, Landlord will, upon request, direct where and how connections and all wiring for such service shall be introduced and run. Without such directions, no boring, cutting, or installation of wires or cables is permitted;


L.        Shades, draperies or other forms of inside window covering must be of such shape, color and material as approved by Landlord, not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed;


M.    Tenant shall pay, as a late charge and to defray Landlord’s increased costs of collection in the event any installment of Rent, Rent Adjustment, Rent Adjustment Deposits and any other charge owed by Tenant hereunder is not paid when due, the greater of $ 100.00 or an amount equal to five (5%) percent of the amount due (but in no event shall the amount of such late charge exceed an amount based upon the highest legally permissible rate chargeable at any time by Landlord under the circumstances); provided, however, with respect to the first late payment in any given twelve month period, the late charge set forth in this sentence shall not apply unless and until such payment is more than five (5) days past due. Should Tenant make a partial payment of past due amounts, the amount of such partial payment shall be applied first to reduce all accrued and unpaid late charges, in inverse order of their maturity, and then to reduce all other past due amounts, in inverse order of their maturity;


N.       Tenant shall not overload any floor. Safes, furniture and all large articles shall be brought through the Building and into the Premises at such times and in such manner as Landlord shall direct and at Tenant’s sole risk and responsibility. Only professional movers will be allowed to move Tenants into and out of the Premises. Movers will need to be first approved by Landlord (not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed), to furnish Certificates of Insurance to Landlord, and must agree to cooperate with Landlord’s requirements and restrictions. Landlord reserves the right to prohibit specific movers from the Premises (NORTH SHORE MOVERS AND JOEY’S MOVERS, AND ANY AFFILIATED FIRMS, ARE PROHIBITED). Tenant shall list all furniture, equipment and similar articles to be removed from the Building, and that list must be approved by the Office of the Building or by a Landlord designated person before building employees will permit any article to be removed;


O.       Unless Landlord gives advance written consent in each and every instance, Tenant shall not install or operate any steam or internal combustion engine, boiler, machinery, refrigerating or heating device, or air-conditioning apparatus in or about the Premises, or carry on any mechanical business therein, or use the Premises for housing accommodations or lodging or sleeping uses, or do any cooking therein or install or permit the installation of any vending machines, or use any illumination other than electric light, or use or permit to be brought into the Building any flammable oils or fluids such as gasoline, kerosene, naphalene and benzene, or any explosive or other articles hazardous to persons or property.


P.         Tenant shall not place or allow anything to be against or near the glass or partitions, doors or windows of the Premises which may diminish the light in, or be unsightly from the exterior of the Building, public halls or corridors. Tenant will have the right to add a privacy material to the reception entrance glass generally similar to other Tenant’s in the Building;



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