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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1 on 01/15/2016
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(f)                                   Additional Compliance.  If any Proposed Key Holder Transfer is not consummated within forty-five (45) days after receipt of the Proposed Transfer Notice by the Company, the Key Holders proposing the Proposed Key Holder Transfer may not sell any Common Stock unless they first comply in full with each provision of this Section 5.2.  The exercise or election not to exercise any right by an Investor hereunder shall not adversely affect its right to participate in any other sales of Common Stock subject to this Subsection 5.2.


5.3                               Effect of Failure to Comply with Co-Sale Rights.


(a)                                 Transfer Void; Equitable Relief.  Any Proposed Key Holder Transfer not made in compliance with the requirements of this Agreement shall be null and void ab initio, shall not be recorded on the books of the Company or its transfer agent and shall not be recognized by the Company.  Each party hereto acknowledges and agrees that any breach of this Agreement would result in substantial harm to the other parties hereto for which monetary damages alone could not adequately compensate.  Therefore, the parties hereto unconditionally and irrevocably agree that any non-breaching party hereto shall be entitled to seek protective orders, injunctive relief and other remedies available at law or in equity (including, without limitation, seeking specific performance or the rescission of purchases, sales and other transfers of Common Stock not made in strict compliance with this Agreement).


(b)                                 Violation of Co-Sale Right.  If any Key Holder purports to sell any Common Stock in contravention of the Right of Co-Sale (a “Prohibited Transfer”), each Investor may, in addition to such remedies as may be available by law, in equity or hereunder, require such Key Holder to purchase from such Investor the type and number of shares of Common Stock that such Investor would have been entitled to sell to the Prospective Transferee had the Prohibited Transfer been effected in compliance with the terms of Subsection 5.2.  The sale will be made on the same terms, including, without limitation, as provided in Subsection 5.2(d)(i) and the first sentence of Subsection 5.2(d)(ii), as applicable, and subject to the same conditions as would have applied had the Key Holder not made the Prohibited Transfer, except that the sale (including, without limitation, the delivery of the purchase price) must be made within ninety (90) days after an Investor learns of the Prohibited Transfer, as opposed to the timeframe proscribed in Subsection 5.2.  Such Key Holder shall also reimburse each Investor for any and all reasonable and documented out-of-pocket fees and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, incurred pursuant to the exercise or the attempted exercise of such Investor’s rights under Subsection 5.2.


5.4                                                 Drag-Along Right.


(a)                              If both (a) the holders of a majority of the issued and outstanding shares of Common Stock (voting together as a single class on an as-converted basis) and (b) the holders of a majority of the issued and outstanding shares of Class D Common Stock (each voting as a separate class) approve a sale of the Company or all or substantially all of the Company’s assets, whether by means of a merger, consolidation, the sale of capital stock, or otherwise (an “Approved Sale”), then each Investor and the Key Holder hereby agrees to consent to, vote for and raise no objections to the Approved Sale, and (i) shall each waive any and all dissenters rights, appraisal rights or similar rights in connection with such Approved Sale, or (ii) if the Approved Sale is structured as a sale of the outstanding capital stock of the



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