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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/01/2016
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core business. We do not expect to generate significant revenue unless and until we obtain regulatory approval of and commercialize AVXS-101. In addition, we expect our expenses to increase in connection with our ongoing development activities, particularly as we continue the research, development and clinical trials of, and seek regulatory approval for, product candidates. Following the closing of this offering, we expect to incur additional costs associated with operating as a public company. In addition, subject to obtaining regulatory approval of product candidates, we expect to incur significant commercialization expenses for product sales, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. We anticipate that we will need substantial additional funding in connection with our continuing operations. If we are unable to raise capital when needed or on attractive terms, we could be forced to delay, reduce or eliminate our research and development programs or future commercialization efforts.

          Based upon our current operating plan, we believe that the net proceeds from this offering, together with our existing cash and cash equivalents, will enable us to fund our operating expenses and capital expenditure requirements through the end of 2017. We intend to devote the majority of the net proceeds from this offering for clinical development and regulatory approval of AVXS-101. We have based our estimates on assumptions that may prove to be wrong, and we may use our available capital resources sooner than we currently expect. Because of the numerous risks and uncertainties associated with the development and commercialization of product candidates, we are unable to estimate the amounts of increased capital outlays and operating expenditures necessary to complete the development of product candidates.

          Our future capital requirements will depend on many factors, including:

    the progress and results of our studies and clinical trials for AVXS-101;

    the scope, progress, results and costs of preclinical development, laboratory testing and clinical trials for our other product candidates;

    the number and development requirements of other product candidates that we may pursue;

    the costs, timing and outcome of regulatory review of our product candidates;

    the cost and timing of establishing and validating manufacturing processes and facilities, including our own, for development and commercialization of our product candidates, if approved;

    the efforts necessary to institute post-approval regulatory compliance requirements;

    the costs and timing of future commercialization activities, including product manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, for any of our product candidates for which we receive marketing approval;

    the revenue, if any, received from commercial sales of our product candidates for which we receive marketing approval, which may be affected by market conditions, including obtaining coverage and adequate reimbursement of our product candidates from third-party payors, including government programs and managed care organizations, and competition within the therapeutic class to which our product candidates are assigned;

    the costs and timing of preparing, filing and prosecuting patent applications, maintaining and enforcing our intellectual property rights and defending any intellectual property-related claims; and

    the extent to which we acquire or in-license other product candidates and technologies.


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