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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/01/2016
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granted, issued, retainable and/or vested under an Award on account of satisfaction of such Performance Goals may be reduced by the Committee on the basis of such further considerations as the Committee, in its sole discretion, will determine.


(d)                                 Other Stock Awards.  Other forms of Stock Awards valued in whole or in part by reference to, or otherwise based on, Common Stock, including the appreciation in value thereof (e.g., options or stock rights with an exercise price or strike price less than 100% of the Fair Market Value of the Common Stock at the time of grant) may be granted either alone or in addition to Stock Awards provided for under Section 5 and the preceding provisions of this Section 6.  Subject to the provisions of the Plan, the Board will have sole and complete authority to determine the persons to whom and the time or times at which such Other Stock Awards will be granted, the number of shares of Common Stock (or the cash equivalent thereof) to be granted pursuant to such Other Stock Awards and all other terms and conditions of such Other Stock Awards.


7.                                      COVENANTS OF THE COMPANY.


(a)                                 Availability of Shares.  The Company will keep available at all times the number of shares of Common Stock reasonably required to satisfy then-outstanding Awards.


(b)                                 Securities Law Compliance.  The Company will seek to obtain from each regulatory commission or agency having jurisdiction over the Plan such authority as may be required to grant Stock Awards and to issue and sell shares of Common Stock upon exercise of the Stock Awards; provided, however, that this undertaking will not require the Company to register under the Securities Act the Plan, any Stock Award or any Common Stock issued or issuable pursuant to any such Stock Award.  If, after reasonable efforts and at a reasonable cost, the Company is unable to obtain from any such regulatory commission or agency the authority that counsel for the Company deems necessary for the lawful issuance and sale of Common Stock under the Plan, the Company will be relieved from any liability for failure to issue and sell Common Stock upon exercise of such Stock Awards unless and until such authority is obtained. A Participant will not be eligible for the grant of an Award or the subsequent issuance of cash or Common Stock pursuant to the Award if such grant or issuance would be in violation of any applicable securities law.


(c)                                  No Obligation to Notify or Minimize Taxes.  The Company will have no duty or obligation to any Participant to advise such holder as to the time or manner of exercising such Stock Award.  Furthermore, the Company will have no duty or obligation to warn or otherwise advise such holder of a pending termination or expiration of an Award or a possible period in which the Award may not be exercised.  The Company has no duty or obligation to minimize the tax consequences of an Award to the holder of such Award.


8.                                      MISCELLANEOUS.


(a)                                 Use of Proceeds from Sales of Common Stock.  Proceeds from the sale of shares of Common Stock pursuant to Awards will constitute general funds of the Company.


(b)                                 Corporate Action Constituting Grant of Awards.  Corporate action constituting a grant by the Company of an Award to any Participant will be deemed completed as



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