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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/09/2016
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          Even if any product candidate that we develop is approved for commercial sale, we anticipate incurring significant costs associated with commercializing any approved product candidate. Our expenses could increase beyond expectations if the FDA, the EMA or other regulatory authorities require us to perform clinical and other studies in addition to those that we currently anticipate. Even if we are able to generate revenues from the sale of any approved product candidates, we may not become profitable and may need to obtain additional funding to continue operations.

          Many of these factors are beyond our control. If we do not achieve one or more of these factors in a timely manner or at all, we could experience significant delays or an inability to successfully commercialize our product candidates, which would materially harm our business.

Our limited operating history may make it difficult for you to evaluate the success of our business to date and to assess our future viability.

          We are a development-stage company founded in 2010, and we did not begin research and development activities for the treatment of SMA with AVXS-101 until 2013. Our efforts to date, with respect to the development of AVXS-101, have been limited to organizing and staffing our company, business planning, raising capital, acquiring our technology, identifying AVXS-101 as a potential gene therapy product candidate and undertaking a clinical trial of that product candidate and establishing collaborations. We have not yet demonstrated the ability to complete late stage clinical trials of AVXS-101 or any other product candidate, obtain marketing approvals, manufacture a commercial-scale product or conduct sales and marketing activities necessary for successful commercialization. Consequently, any predictions you make about our future success or viability may not be as accurate as they could be if we had more experience developing gene therapy products.

          We do not currently have the ability to perform the sales, marketing and manufacturing functions necessary for the production and sale of AVXS-101 on a commercial scale. Our only product candidate is AVXS-101, which may be required to undergo significant additional clinical trials before it can be commercialized, if at all. The successful commercialization of AVXS-101 will require us to perform a variety of functions, including:

    continuing clinical development of AVXS-101;

    obtaining required regulatory approvals;

    formulating and manufacturing product candidates; and

    conducting sales and marketing activities.

          We expect our financial condition and operating results to continue to fluctuate from quarter to quarter and year to year due to a variety of factors, many of which are beyond our control. We will need to transition at some point from a company with a research and development focus to a company capable of undertaking commercial activities. We may encounter unforeseen expenses, difficulties, complications and delays and may not be successful in such a transition.

Even if this offering is successful, we will need to raise additional funding, which may not be available on acceptable terms, or at all. Failure to obtain this necessary capital when needed may force us to delay, limit or terminate certain of our product development efforts or other operations.

          We expect our expenses to increase in connection with our ongoing activities, particularly as we continue the research and development of, initiate further clinical trials of, and seek marketing approval for, AVXS-101. In addition, if we obtain marketing approval for our product candidate, we expect to incur significant expenses related to product sales, medical affairs, marketing, manufacturing and distribution. Furthermore, upon the closing of this offering, we expect to incur additional costs associated with operating as a public company. While we believe that the net


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