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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/09/2016
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          Although we plan to assume control of the overall clinical and regulatory development of AVXS-101 going forward, to date, we have been dependent on contractual arrangements with NCH and will continue to be until we assume control. Such arrangements provide us certain information rights with respect to the previous trial, including access to and the ability to use and reference the data, including for our own regulatory filings, resulting from the previous trial. If these obligations are breached by NCH, or if the data prove to be inadequate compared to the first-hand knowledge we might have gained had the completed trial been a corporate-sponsored trial, then our ability to design and conduct our planned corporate-sponsored clinical trials may be adversely affected. Additionally, the FDA may disagree with the sufficiency of our right to reference the preclinical, manufacturing, or clinical data generated by these prior investigator-sponsored trials, or our interpretation of preclinical, manufacturing, or clinical data from the clinical trial. If so, the FDA may require us to obtain and submit additional preclinical, manufacturing, or clinical data before we may begin our planned trials and/or may not accept such additional data as adequate to begin our planned trials.

We may in the future enter into collaborations with third parties to develop AVXS-101. If these collaborations are not successful, our business could be adversely affected.

          We may potentially enter into collaborations with third parties in the future. Any collaborations we enter into in the future may pose several risks, including the following:

    collaborators have significant discretion in determining the efforts and resources that they will apply to these collaborations;

    collaborators may not perform their obligations as expected;

    the clinical trials conducted as part of these collaborations may not be successful;

    collaborators may not pursue development and commercialization of any product candidates that achieve regulatory approval or may elect not to continue or renew development or commercialization programs based on clinical trial results, changes in the collaborators' strategic focus or available funding or external factors, such as an acquisition, that divert resources or create competing priorities;

    collaborators may delay clinical trials, provide insufficient funding for clinical trials, stop a clinical trial or abandon a product candidate, repeat or conduct new clinical trials or require a new formulation of a product candidate for clinical testing;

    we may not have access to, or may be restricted from disclosing, certain information regarding product candidates being developed or commercialized under a collaboration and, consequently, may have limited ability to inform our stockholders about the status of such product candidates;

    collaborators could independently develop, or develop with third parties, products that compete directly or indirectly with our product candidates if the collaborators believe that competitive products are more likely to be successfully developed or can be commercialized under terms that are more economically attractive than ours;

    product candidates developed in collaboration with us may be viewed by our collaborators as competitive with their own product candidates or products, which may cause collaborators to cease to devote resources to the commercialization of our product candidates;

    a collaborator with marketing and distribution rights to one or more of our product candidates that achieve regulatory approval may not commit sufficient resources to the marketing and distribution of any such product candidate;


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