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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/09/2016
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Delays in obtaining regulatory approval of our manufacturing process and facility or disruptions in our manufacturing process may delay or disrupt our product development and commercialization efforts. To date, to our knowledge, no cGMP gene therapy manufacturing facility in the United States has received approval from FDA for the manufacture of an approved gene therapy product.

          Before we can begin to commercially manufacture AVXS-101, whether in a third-party facility or in our own facility, once established, we must obtain regulatory approval from FDA for our manufacturing process and facility. A manufacturing authorization must also be obtained from the appropriate European Union regulatory authorities. To date, no cGMP gene therapy manufacturing facility in the United States has received approval from the FDA for the manufacture of an approved gene therapy product and, therefore, the timeframe required for us to obtain such approval is uncertain. In addition, we must pass a pre-approval inspection of our manufacturing facility by the FDA before AVXS-101 can obtain marketing approval. In order to obtain approval, we will need to ensure that all of our processes, methods and equipment are compliant with cGMP, and perform extensive audits of vendors, contract laboratories and suppliers. If any of our vendors, contract laboratories or suppliers is found to be out of compliance with cGMP, we may experience delays or disruptions in manufacturing while we work with these third parties to remedy the violation or while we work to identify suitable replacement vendors. The cGMP requirements govern quality control of the manufacturing process and documentation policies and procedures. In complying with cGMP, we will be obligated to expend time, money and effort in production, record keeping and quality control to assure that the product meets applicable specifications and other requirements. If we fail to comply with these requirements, we would be subject to possible regulatory action and may not be permitted to sell any product candidate that we may develop.

Our gene therapy approach utilizes a vector derived from viruses, which may be perceived as unsafe or may result in unforeseen adverse events. Negative public opinion and increased regulatory scrutiny of gene therapy may damage public perception of the safety of our AVXS-101 gene therapy product candidate and adversely affect our ability to conduct our business or obtain regulatory approvals for AVXS-101.

          Gene therapy remains a novel technology, with, to our knowledge, no gene therapy product approved to date in the United States and only one gene therapy product approved to date in the European Union. Public perception may be influenced by claims that gene therapy is unsafe, and gene therapy may not gain the acceptance of the public or the medical community. For example, a public backlash developed against gene therapy following the death in September 1999 of a patient who had volunteered for a gene therapy clinical trial that utilized an adenovirus vector at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Researchers at the university had infused the volunteer's liver with a gene aimed at reversing OTC deficiency. The procedure triggered an extreme immune-system reaction that caused multiple organ failure in a very short time, leading to the first death to occur as a direct result of a gene therapy experiment. In addition, in two gene therapy studies in 2003, 20 subjects treated for X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency using a murine gamma-retroviral vector showed correction of the disease. However, the studies were suspended by FDA after a child in France developed leukemia and ultimately four other subjects were found to have developed leukemia.

          In addition, our success will depend upon physicians who specialize in the treatment of SMA and prescribing treatments that involve the use of AVXS-101 in lieu of, or in addition to, other treatments with which they are more familiar and for which greater clinical data may be available. More restrictive government regulations or negative public opinion would have an adverse effect on our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects and may delay or impair the development and commercialization of AVXS-101 or demand for any product candidate we may develop. Serious adverse events in our clinical trials, or other clinical trials involving gene therapy


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