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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/09/2016
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    economic weakness, including inflation, or political instability in particular foreign economies and markets;

    compliance with tax, employment, immigration and labor laws for employees living or traveling abroad;

    foreign currency fluctuations, which could result in increased operating expenses and reduced revenues, and other obligations incident to doing business in another country;

    foreign reimbursement, pricing and insurance regimes;

    workforce uncertainty in countries where labor unrest is more common than in the United States;

    production shortages resulting from any events affecting raw material supply or manufacturing capabilities abroad; and

    business interruptions resulting from geopolitical actions, including war and terrorism or natural disasters including earthquakes, typhoons, floods and fires.

Interruptions in the supply of product or inventory loss may adversely affect our operating results and financial condition.

          AVXS-101 is manufactured using technically complex processes requiring specialized facilities, highly specific raw materials and other production constraints. The complexity of these processes, as well as strict government standards for the manufacture and storage of AVXS-101 subjects us to production risks. While product batches released for use in clinical trials or, in the future, for commercialization undergo sample testing, some defects may only be identified following product release. In addition, process deviations or unanticipated effects of approved process changes may result in these intermediate product candidates not complying with stability requirements or specifications. AVXS-101 must be stored and transported at temperatures within a certain range. If these environmental conditions deviate, AVXS-101's remaining shelf-life could be impaired or its efficacy and safety could be adversely affected, making it no longer suitable for use.

          The occurrence, or suspected occurrence, of production and distribution difficulties can lead to lost inventories and, in some cases, product recalls, with consequential reputational damage and the risk of product liability. The investigation and remediation of any identified problems can cause production delays, substantial expense, lost sales and delays of new product launches. Any interruption in the supply of finished AVXS-101 or the loss thereof could hinder our ability to timely distribute AVXS-101 and satisfy customer demand. Any unforeseen failure in the storage of the product or loss in supply could delay our clinical trials and, if AVXS-101 is approved, result in a loss of our market share and negatively affect our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

If AVXS-101 becomes subject to a product recall it could harm our reputation, business and financial results.

          The FDA and similar foreign governmental authorities have the authority to require the recall of commercialized products in the event of material deficiencies or defects in design, manufacture or labeling. In the case of the FDA, the authority to require a recall must be based on an FDA finding that there is a reasonable probability that the product would cause serious injury or death. In addition, foreign governmental bodies have the authority to require the recall of our product candidate in the event of material deficiencies or defects in design or manufacture. Manufacturers may, under their own initiative, recall a product if any material deficiency in a product is found. A government-mandated or voluntary recall by us could occur as a result of manufacturing errors, design or labeling defects or other deficiencies and issues. Recalls of any of our product candidate


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