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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form S-1/A on 02/09/2016
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Intellectual property rights and regulatory exclusivity rights do not necessarily address all potential threats.

          The degree of future protection afforded by our intellectual property rights is uncertain because intellectual property rights have limitations, and may not adequately protect our business or permit us to maintain our competitive advantage. For example:

    others may be able to make gene therapy products that are similar to our product candidate(s) but that are not covered by the claims of the patents that we license or may own in the future;

    we, or our license partners or future collaborators, might not have been the first to make the inventions covered by the issued patent or pending patent applications that we license or may own in the future;

    we, or our license partners or future collaborators, might not have been the first to file patent applications covering certain of our or their inventions;

    others may independently develop similar or alternative technologies or duplicate any of our technologies without infringing our owned or licensed intellectual property rights;

    others may circumvent our regulatory exclusivities, such as by pursuing approval of a competitive product candidate via the traditional approval pathway based on their own clinical data, rather than relying on the abbreviated pathway provided for biosimilar applicants;

    it is possible that our pending licensed patent applications or those that we may own in the future will not lead to issued patents;

    issued patents that we hold rights to now or in the future may be held invalid or unenforceable, including as a result of legal challenges by our competitors;

    others may have access to the same intellectual property rights licensed to us on a non-exclusive basis;

    our competitors might conduct research and development activities in countries where we do not have patent rights and then use the information learned from such activities to develop competitive products for sale in our major commercial markets;

    we may not develop additional proprietary technologies that are patentable;

    the patents or other intellectual property rights of others may have an adverse effect on our business; and

    we may choose not to file a patent for certain trade secrets or know-how, and a third party may subsequently file a patent covering such intellectual property.

          Should any of these events occur, they could significantly harm our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

Risks related to this offering and ownership of our common stock

We have identified material weaknesses in our internal control over financial reporting. If we are unable to remediate these material weaknesses, or if we experience additional material weaknesses in the future or otherwise fail to maintain an effective system of internal controls, we may not be able to accurately or timely report our financial condition or results of operations, which may adversely affect investor confidence in us and, as a result, the value of our common stock.

          In connection with the audit of our consolidated financial statements as of and for the years ended December 31, 2014 and 2013 and review of our consolidated financial statements for the


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