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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/18/2016
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    delays in the testing, validation, manufacturing and delivery of AVXS-101 to the clinical sites, including delays by third parties with whom we have contracted to perform certain of those functions;

    delays in having subjects complete participation in a trial or return for post-treatment follow-up;

    clinical trial sites or subjects dropping out of a trial;

    selection of clinical endpoints that require prolonged periods of clinical observation or analysis of the resulting data;

    occurrence of serious adverse events associated with the product candidate that are viewed to outweigh its potential benefits;

    occurrence of serious adverse events in trials of the same class of agents conducted by other sponsors; or

    changes in regulatory requirements and guidance that require amending or submitting new clinical protocols.

        Any inability to successfully complete preclinical and clinical development could result in additional costs to us or impair our ability to generate revenues from product sales, regulatory and commercialization milestones and royalties. In addition, if we make manufacturing or formulation changes to AVXS-101, we may need to conduct additional studies to bridge our modified product candidate to earlier versions. Clinical trial delays also could shorten any periods during which we may have the exclusive right to commercialize AVXS-101 or allow our competitors to bring products to market before we do, which could impair our ability to successfully commercialize AVXS-101 and may harm our business, financial condition, results of operations and prospects.

        Additionally, if the results of our clinical trials are inconclusive or if there are safety concerns or serious adverse events associated with AVXS-101, we may:

    be delayed in obtaining marketing approval for AVXS-101, if at all;

    obtain approval for indications or patient populations that are not as broad as intended or desired;

    obtain approval with labeling that includes significant use or distribution restrictions or safety warnings;

    be subject to additional post-marketing testing requirements;

    be subject to changes in the way the product is administered;

    be required to perform additional clinical trials to support approval or be subject to additional post-marketing testing requirements;

    have regulatory authorities withdraw, or suspend, their approval of the product or impose restrictions on its distribution in the form of a modified REMS;

    be subject to the addition of labeling statements, such as warnings or contraindications;

    be sued; or

    experience damage to our reputation.

        Our product development costs will also increase if we experience delays in testing or marketing approvals. We do not know whether any of our preclinical studies or clinical trials will begin as planned, will need to be restructured or will be completed on schedule, or at all. Significant preclinical or clinical trial delays also could shorten any periods during which we may have the exclusive right to


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