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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/18/2016
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commercialize our product candidates or allow our competitors to bring products to market before we do and impair our ability to successfully commercialize our product candidates.

As we evaluate and develop manufacturing process improvements to AVXS-101, we may be required to conduct comparability studies, which may result in delays to the development and approval process for our current or future programs and increased costs resulting from additional nonclinical trials.

        We are in the process of transitioning to kanamycin-resistant genetic markers for plasmid selection from ampicilin-resistant genetic markers used in AVXS-101 for our ongoing Phase 1 clinical trial. In addition, we expect to continue to evaluate and develop manufacturing process improvements to AVXS-101. As a result, the FDA or other regulatory authorities may require a clinical bridging study, or comparability study, showing comparability to prior batches of AVXS-101, which could delay the development process. If we make manufacturing or formulation changes to our product candidates in the future, we may need to conduct additional nonclinical studies to bridge our modified product candidates to earlier versions. If we are required to conduct additional clinical trials or other testing of our product candidates beyond those that we currently contemplate, if we are unable to successfully complete clinical trials of our product candidates or other testing, if the results of these trials or tests are not positive or are only modestly positive or if there are safety concerns, we may:

    be delayed in obtaining marketing approval for our product candidates;

    not obtain marketing approval at all;

    obtain approval for indications or patient populations that are not as broad as intended or desired;

    be subject to post-marketing testing requirements; or

    have the product removed from the market after obtaining marketing approval.

        Our product development costs also will increase if we experience delays in testing or regulatory approvals. We do not know whether any of our nonclinical studies or clinical trials will begin as planned, will need to be restructured or will be completed on schedule, or at all. Significant nonclinical study or clinical trial delays also could shorten any periods during which we may have the exclusive right to commercialize our product candidates or allow our competitors to bring products to market before we do and impair our ability to successfully commercialize our product candidates and may harm our business and results of operations. Any delays in our nonclinical or future clinical development programs may harm our business, financial condition and prospects significantly.

AVXS-101 may cause undesirable side effects or have other properties that could delay or prevent its regulatory approval, limit the commercial potential or result in significant negative consequences following any potential marketing approval.

        During the conduct of clinical trials, patients report changes in their health, including illnesses, injuries and discomforts, to their study doctor. Often, it is not possible to determine whether or not the product candidate being studied caused these conditions. Various illnesses, injuries, and discomforts have been reported from time-to-time during the Phase 1 clinical trial of AVXS-101. As of December 31, 2015, we observed a total of 10 serious adverse events in seven patients, eight of which were determined by the investigator to not be related to AVXS-101. Regulatory authorities may draw different conclusions or require additional testing to confirm these determinations. In addition, it is possible that as we test AVXS-101 or any other product candidate in larger, longer and more extensive clinical programs, or as use of these product candidates becomes more widespread if they receive regulatory approval, illnesses, injuries, discomforts and other adverse events that were observed in earlier trials, as well as conditions that did not occur or went undetected in previous trials, will be reported by subjects. Many times, side effects are only detectable after investigational products are


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