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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-K on 03/18/2016
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patent or other protection for the proprietary intellectual property we license from them, we could lose our rights to the intellectual property or our exclusivity with respect to those rights, and our competitors could market competing products using the intellectual property. Further, in each of our license agreements our licensors have the first right to bring any actions against any third party for infringing on the patents we have licensed. Our license agreements also require us to meet development thresholds to maintain the license, including establishing a set timeline for developing and commercializing product candidate(s). Disputes may arise regarding intellectual property subject to a licensing agreement, including:

    the scope of rights granted under the license agreement and other interpretation-related issues;

    the extent to which our technology and processes infringe on intellectual property of the licensor that is not subject to the licensing agreement;

    the sublicensing of patent and other rights under our collaborative development relationships;

    our diligence obligations under the license agreement and what activities satisfy those diligence obligations;

    the inventorship or ownership of inventions and know-how resulting from the joint creation or use of intellectual property by our licensors and us and our partners; and

    the priority of invention of patented technology.

        If disputes over intellectual property that we have licensed prevent or impair our ability to maintain our current licensing arrangements on acceptable terms, we may be unable to successfully develop and commercialize AVXS-101.

We may not be successful in obtaining necessary rights to AVXS-101 through acquisitions and in-licenses.

        We currently have certain rights to the intellectual property, through licenses from third parties, to develop AVXS-101. Because our programs may require the use of additional proprietary rights held by these or other third parties, the growth of our business likely will depend, in part, on our ability to acquire, in-license or use these proprietary rights. We may be unable to acquire or in-license any compositions, methods of use, processes or other intellectual property rights from third parties that we identify as necessary for AVXS-101. The licensing or acquisition of third-party intellectual property rights is a competitive area, and several more established companies may pursue strategies to license or acquire third-party intellectual property rights that we may consider attractive. These established companies may have a competitive advantage over us due to their size, capital resources and greater clinical development and commercialization capabilities. In addition, companies that perceive us to be a competitor may be unwilling to assign or license rights to us. We also may be unable to license or acquire third party intellectual property rights on terms that would allow us to make an appropriate return on our investment.

        We may collaborate with non-profit and academic institutions to accelerate our preclinical research or development under written agreements with these institutions. These institutions may provide us with an option to negotiate a license to any of the institution's rights in technology resulting from the collaboration. Regardless of such option, we may be unable to negotiate a license within the specified timeframe or under terms that are acceptable to us. If we are unable to do so, the institution may offer the intellectual property rights to other parties, potentially blocking our ability to pursue our program.

        Our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Brian Kaspar, is also employed by NCH. Under the terms of our employment agreement with Dr. Kaspar, NCH owns inventions and discoveries, whether patentable or not, that he makes, conceives or reduces to practice, unless otherwise specifically provided for by the terms of a sponsored research agreement between us and NCH. If we are unable to secure sufficient


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