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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 10-Q on 11/09/2017
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market demand for such products in those countries in which we have obtained regulatory approval and where it is commercially reasonable to do so and continue to develop additional NCH licensed products within the applicable field. In the event we fail to comply with such obligations, subject to certain conditions, NCH has the right to either terminate the applicable NCH License or convert our license into a non-exclusive license with respect to the applicable NCH licensed product in the applicable country. We are responsible for all clinical trial costs under each NCH License.


We paid an initial fee of $0.2 million to NCH in connection with the NCH License for Rett syndrome and $0.1 million in connection with the NCH License for ALS in human use. We also must pay NCH an annual maintenance fee under each NCH License. Following the first commercial sale of an NCH licensed product under an applicable NCH License, we must begin paying NCH an aggregate low-single digit royalty on net sales of NCH licensed products by us, our affiliates and sublicensees during the term of such license. If we unsuccessfully challenge any of the licensed patents, the royalty rate increases from low single digits to high-single digits, in the case of the NCH License for Rett syndrome, and to mid-single digits, in the case of the NCH License for ALS in human use.


With certain exceptions, we are required to make certain development milestone-based payments to NCH under each NCH License. In addition, we must also pay NCH a portion of sublicensing revenue received from our sublicense of the rights to licensed technology at a mid-single digits percentage.


We do not have the right to control prosecution of the in-licensed patent rights under either NCH License, however NCH is required to consult with us on material matters regarding the prosecution of such patent rights, and NCH has the first right to enforce any patents issuing from the in-licensed patent rights and if NCH does not enforce the rights within a certain time frame, then we have the right to enforce. In addition, our rights under each NCH License are not assignable without the prior written consent of NCH, except to our affiliates, subsidiaries or any successor in interest in connection with a merger, acquisition, consolidation or sale, provided that our assignee assumes our obligations under the applicable NCH License in writing. 


Unless terminated earlier, each agreement will expire on a NCH licensed product-by-NCH licensed product and country-by-country basis upon the expiration of the royalty term for such NCH licensed product in such country. The royalty term will expire on the later of (i) the date on which the last relevant patent underlying the relevant NCH licensed product expires or (ii) the expiration of any orphan drug-based exclusive marketing rights conferred by any regulatory authority with respect to a NCH licensed product in a licensed territory. Upon expiration of the agreement with respect to a particular NCH licensed product in a particular country, the license to us will survive and as a fully-paid up license. Each NCH License may be terminated prior to its expiration:



By us at any time after the second anniversary of the effective date of the applicable NCH License by providing six months' prior written notice to NCH;


By either party upon the other party's material breach of the applicable NCH License that is not cured within 90 days after receiving written notice of such breach, except in certain cases in which we may request a longer cure period;


By NCH in the event of our bankruptcy, insolvency or certain similar occurrences; or


By NCH if we or any of our affiliates bring any action or proceeding against NCH, other than a suit brought in response to any suit brought by NCH.


Certain accrued payments that we are required to make to NCH will become due in the event of termination as specified in the applicable agreement.


Financial Operations Overview




To date, we have not generated any revenue from the commercial sale of gene therapy products, and we do not expect to generate substantial revenue for at least the next few years. In the future, we will seek to generate revenue primarily from product sales and, potentially, collaborations with strategic partners.




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