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Our Solution: AVXS-101 An Innovative Treatment Approach for SMA 5 scAAV ITR Continuous Promoter Human SMN Transgene scAAV ITR KEY COMPONENTS PURPOSE Recombinant AAV9 Capsid Shell Ability to deliver across the blood brain barrier (BBB) and into the spinal cord - Avoids the need for intrathecal delivery when treating infants Non-replicating virus does not modify the existing DNA of the patient. scAAV ITR (Self-complementary DNA technology) Enables rapid onset of effect which is key in a quickly deteriorating population Continuous Promoter Activates the transgene to allow for continuous and sustained SMN expression Human SMN Transgene Full copy of a stable, functioning SMN gene that is introduced into the cell’s nucleus Recombinant AAV9 Capsid Shell Rendering adapted from DiMattia et al. Structural Insight into the Unique Properties of Adeno-Associated Virus Serotype 9. J. Virol. June 2012. Gene therapy is the right approach for SMA: Monogenic mutation that drives the pathology



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