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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 01/16/2018
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including in connection with a change of control, without REGENXBIO's prior written consent had been prohibited. The Amendment also provides that, solely upon our written request, REGENXBIO may, in its sole discretion after receipt of such request, provide certain collaboration services to us regarding the development and commercialization of gene therapy product candidates for the treatment of SMA.

          Pursuant to the Amendment, in consideration for the additional rights granted thereunder, we paid to REGENXBIO a fee of $80.0 million upon entry into the Amendment. In addition, we agreed to pay to REGENXBIO (i) $30.0 million on the first anniversary of the effective date of the Amendment, (ii) $30.0 million on the second anniversary of the effective date of the Amendment and (iii) potential commercial milestone payments of up to $120 million. In the event of a change of control of AveXis, to the extent that any fee described in (i) or (ii) above, or the first $40 million of milestone payments described in (iii) above, has not yet been paid to REGENXBIO, we will be obligated, at REGENXBIO's option, to pay any such unpaid fee to REGENXBIO upon the change of control. Additionally, for any product developed for the treatment of SMA using an AAV vector, other than AAV9, REGENXBIO will receive a low double-digit royalty on net sales.

Certain Preliminary Financial Results

          As of December 31, 2017, we had approximately $324 million of cash and cash equivalents. This amount is unaudited and preliminary, is subject to completion of financial closing and auditing procedures that could result in changes to the amount, and does not present all information necessary for an understanding of our financial condition as of December 31, 2017. In addition, this amount does not give effect to the $80 million upfront payment we made to REGENXBIO after December 31, 2017 in connection with the execution of the Amendment. The preliminary financial data included in this prospectus supplement has been prepared by, and is the responsibility of, our management. Our independent registered public accounting firm has not audited, reviewed, compiled, or applied agreed-upon procedures with respect to the preliminary financial data. Accordingly, our independent registered public accounting firm does not express an opinion or any other form of assurance with respect thereto.

Our Corporate Information

          We were originally formed under the laws of the state of Delaware in March 2010 under the name BioLife Cell Bank, LLC. In January 2012, we converted from a limited liability company to a Delaware corporation, BioLife Cell Bank, Inc. In January 2014, we amended and restated our certification of incorporation to change our name to AveXis, Inc. Our principal executive offices are located at 2275 Half Day Road, Suite 200, Bannockburn, Illinois 60015, and our telephone number is (847) 572-8280. Our website address is The information contained on, or accessible through, our website is not incorporated by reference into this prospectus supplement, and you should not consider any information contained on, or that can be accessed through, our website as part of this prospectus supplement or in deciding whether to purchase our common stock.


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