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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 01/18/2018
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Corporate Information

        We were originally formed under the laws of the state of Delaware in March 2010 under the name BioLife Cell Bank, LLC. In January 2012, we converted from a limited liability company to a Delaware corporation, BioLife Cell Bank, Inc. In January 2014, we amended and restated our certification of incorporation to change our name to AveXis, Inc. Our principal executive offices are located at 2275 Half Day Road, Suite 200, Bannockburn, Illinois 60015, and our telephone number is (847) 572-8280. Our website address is The information contained on, or accessible through, our website is not incorporated by reference into this prospectus, and you should not consider any information contained on, or that can be accessed through, our website as part of this prospectus or in deciding whether to purchase our common stock.

The Securities We May Offer

        We may offer an unlimited number of shares of our common stock and preferred stock, and various series of debt securities and warrants to purchase any of such securities, in one or more offerings under this prospectus, together with any applicable prospectus supplement and any related free writing prospectus, at prices and on terms to be determined by market conditions at the time of the relevant offering. This prospectus provides you with a general description of the securities we may offer. Each time we offer a type or series of securities under this prospectus, we will provide a prospectus supplement that will describe the specific amounts, prices and other important terms of the securities, including, to the extent applicable:

    designation or classification;

    aggregate principal amount or aggregate offering price;

    maturity, if applicable;

    original issue discount, if any;

    rates and times of payment of interest or dividends, if any;

    redemption, conversion, exchange or sinking fund terms, if any;

    conversion or exchange prices or rates, if any, and, if applicable, any provisions for changes to or adjustments in the conversion or exchange prices or rates and in the securities or other property receivable upon conversion or exchange;

    ranking, if applicable;

    restrictive covenants, if any;

    voting or other rights, if any; and

    important United States federal income tax considerations.

        The prospectus supplement and any related free writing prospectus that we may authorize to be provided to you may also add, update or change information contained in this prospectus or in documents we have incorporated by reference. However, no prospectus supplement or free writing prospectus will offer a security that is not registered and described in this prospectus at the time of the effectiveness of the registration statement of which this prospectus is a part.

        This prospectus may not be used to consummate a sale of securities unless it is accompanied by a prospectus supplement.

        We may sell the securities directly to investors or through underwriters, dealers or agents. We, and our underwriters or agents, reserve the right to accept or reject all or part of any proposed purchase of


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