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AVEXIS, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 01/18/2018
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      indenture or any series of debt securities, or to add to the rights of the holders of any series of debt securities;

    to evidence and provide for the acceptance of appointment under any indenture by a successor trustee; or

    to comply with any requirements of the SEC in connection with the qualification of any indenture under the Trust Indenture Act.

        In addition, under the indenture, the rights of holders of a series of debt securities may be changed by us and the trustee with the written consent of the holders of at least a majority in aggregate principal amount of the outstanding debt securities of each series that is affected. However, unless we provide otherwise in the prospectus supplement applicable to a particular series of debt securities, we and the trustee may make the following changes only with the consent of each holder of any outstanding debt securities affected:

    extending the fixed maturity of any debt securities of any series;

    reducing the principal amount, reducing the rate of or extending the time of payment of interest, or reducing any premium payable upon the redemption of any series of any debt securities; or

    reducing the percentage of debt securities, the holders of which are required to consent to any amendment, supplement, modification or waiver.


        The indenture provides that we can elect to be discharged from our obligations with respect to one or more series of debt securities, except for specified obligations, including obligations to:

    provide for payment;

    register the transfer or exchange of debt securities of the series;

    replace stolen, lost or mutilated debt securities of the series;

    pay principal of and premium and interest on any debt securities of the series;

    maintain paying agencies;

    hold monies for payment in trust;

    recover excess money held by the trustee;

    compensate and indemnify the trustee; and

    appoint any successor trustee.

        In order to exercise our rights to be discharged, we must deposit with the trustee money or government obligations sufficient to pay all the principal of, any premium, if any, and interest on, the debt securities of the series on the dates payments are due.

Form, Exchange and Transfer

        We will issue the debt securities of each series only in fully registered form without coupons and, unless we provide otherwise in the applicable prospectus supplement, in denominations of $1,000 and any integral multiple thereof. The indenture provides that we may issue debt securities of a series in temporary or permanent global form and as book-entry securities that will be deposited with, or on behalf of, The Depository Trust Company, or DTC, or another depositary named by us and identified in the applicable prospectus supplement with respect to that series. To the extent the debt securities of


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